One of the many things I love about the Sun magazine is that it’s always introducing me to fascinating, new people; authors, poets, activists, and regular people who write with great heart and soul. I didn’t know who Michael Meade was until last November when the Sun published an interview with him; now he is one of my favorite writers! Storyteller, mythologist, and author, Michael Meade uses song, story, and mythology to help people discover their inner wisdom and inherent gifts. His latest book is Fate and Destiny. He believes that We have a seeded self that begins to germinate at birth. Our true goal in life is to become that self.

In the interview he talks about his work with young people, gangs, veterans, as well as with elders. I was struck by what he says about aging. Aging is a biological process that happens to everyone. Everybody gets older, but not everybody gets to be an elder. Becoming an elder involves a lifelong awakening to and reflection upon the story embedded in one’s soul. I love this because although we may retire from our job or cut back on certain activities as we get older, our inner process can deepen. As David Whyte says on his inspiring CD, Midlife and the Great Unknown, (I’m paraphrasing) The great adventure as we age is exploring the inner landscape. In fact, one of the most meaningful goals we can have as an older person is to become ourselves and in doing so inspire future generations. Bringing consciousness, acceptance, and compassion to whatever age we are makes it sacred, no matter what our condition or circumstance. To go into the world as one’s true self is an act of courage. -Michael Meade