The Closing Uranus Square: Age 62-63

“Halleluiah, I’m sixty now, and even a little more, and some days I feel I have wings.” -Mary Oliver

Following the Second Saturn Return (at age 58) is an aspect that is colorful, energizing and even a bit feisty. This is the Closing Uranus Square and takes place between the ages of sixty-two and sixty-three when that maverick Uranus is in its home stretch. By our early sixties Uranus has traveled three quarters around the chart and has another quarter to go before it returns to the place it occupied at birth. That happens between the ages of eighty-three and eighty-four and is called the Uranus Return. At that time it will have contacted every planet in the birth chart and ideally (as Carl Jung might say) we become fully individualized. Providing we’ve been living authentically. If we haven’t been living authentically, then the closing Uranus square in our early sixties is when a have a chance to correct that.

How? Remember, change-at-all-cost Uranus is the chief architect of our midlife journey at age forty-two when it is exactly opposite its natal position. It’s the planet of freedom, rebellion and individuation so we’ve got to break some rules, make some trouble, and take some chances. I’m not talking about rebelling for the sake of rebelling but if there is something you want to do, be, or have, then now’s the time to act on it. Who do you want to be at eighty-four? Hopefully someone well marinated from a full, rich, and juicy life; someone who is wise, compassionate and spirited; the kind of person who can look back at his or her life with satisfaction and not regret. The decisions we make in our early sixties will determine what kind of older person we become in our eighties. How’s that for incentive? Think of Georgia O’Keeffe, Diane Vreeland, Carl Jung or Joseph Campbell in their eighties. These great role models lived fully right up to the end of their lives; they didn’t put on the breaks in their sixties, they kept going!

The Showgirl Must Go On! -Bette Midler

In June of 2008 Bette Midler appeared on Oprah to talk about her new show, “The Showgirl Must Go On” that was about to open in Las Vegas. The Divine Miss M committed to performing five nights a week for the next two years; ambitious for any age let alone at sixty-two! In the beginning she alternated with Cher (also sixty-two). Bette, Cher and this fabulous show is a great metaphor for the closing Uranus square. Not everyone at sixty-two has the stamina or talent to sing and dance like a showgirl but we can all invent or reinvent our own third act and perform it will all the spunk and bravado of a star! And if we need more inspiration, just listen to Dolly Parton sing her hit song Better Get To Livin; she was in her early sixties when she recorded it.

“You better get to livin’, givin’/Don’t forget to throw in a little forgivin’/And lovin’ on the way. You better get to knowin’, showin’/A little bit more concerned about where you’re goin’ Just a word unto the wise/You better get to livin’.”